Premium Account

Our Premium Account brokerage service is a traditional HIN registered broking account, where the assets stay in your name linked to your Macquarie Cash Management Account. Our back office team will help set up your accounts and you may transfer existing shares or fund your account with cash or a combination.


We will work in partnership with you to provide stock selection, placement & execution of your orders, option overlay to enhance account cash flow and deliver simplified reporting, so you can get on with doing whatever it is you enjoy most.


We focus on ASX 100 companies with capital growth potential and above average income returns through dividends, franking credits and option premiums. 


To learn more about the Premium Account brokerage service, please download the above PDF file. 

or call our office on 1300 614 002.


Premium Account Service ​

Investor Signals offers individuals and SMSF's a carefully selected portfolio of shares from within the ASX Top 100 group of companies.


Investments are dynamically managed with the aim of delivering superior returns measured against the index. Shares are selected using our proprietary algo models and then filtered based on their  earnings growth profile, strong cash conversion, low debt, pricing power, revenue growth and steady to improving margins.

We utilize derivatives to enhance the cash flow from underlying shares and ETF's to achieve broad sector exposure.  


Time Weighted 5 year Average ROI 11.95%


Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Client account performance can vary depending on establishment time relative to market valuation at the point of the account funding, also stock transfers with an existing cost base will impact the reported performance.


The average performance stated is the TWRR of all buy/sell signals within the ASX100 algo model portfolio. For more detail, please download the full performance report.  

  • High conviction stock selection

  • Transaction management

  • Portfolio performance reporting

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Advice on corporate actions

  • You have the final say on all investment decisions

Key Benefits Include 

Index Benchmarking

When evaluating the performance of any investment, it's important to compare it against an appropriate benchmark. Your Investor Signals portfolio login provides a variety of index benchmarks for you to check your portfolio's relative performance.

Enhanced Cash Flow

A combination of both American and European covered call options to capture added income in between the normal dividend cycle can help increase the annualised cash flow and provide some downside protection in portfolios.

Performance  Report

Model portfolio performance - April 2020

Latest Model Portflio Report PDF

Investor Signals operates a model portfolio based on an algorithm approach which helps to remove the human bias from the decision-making process.


Over the last 5 years the average time weighted rate of return (TWRR) as of the 30 of April 2020 is 11.95%.


Attached below is the 5-year performance graph showing the out performance of the model relative to the S&P/ASX 200 Index. 



Disclaimer: TWR is the time weighted rate of return of the Investor Signals investment models and is referenced for illustrative purposes. As the investment manager our aim is to match or exceed the performance of our models, although this cannot be guaranteed and past performance may not be reflective of future investment returns.

Opening a Premium Account


To obtain further information on the Investor Signals Premium Account service, please call our office on 1300 614 002  or to start your application process now, please click through to the account opening page. 


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